the doumbia family


A little over four years ago, I walked into Panera Bread during lunch and happened to run into my cousin and her family. She had been living abroad, and I hadn’t seen her in years. She was visiting home with her husband and son and was 8 months pregnant with her daughter.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I am once again, having lunch at Panera. I’m looking for a place to sit as I wait for my food. Then I see a very familiar man with little boy and girl. It’s Leslie’s husband. I walk over and reintroduce myself. This is only the second time I’ve met him, so I was surprised and delighted that he remembered me. My cousin was off running an errand. On a whim, I decided to offer to photograph their family while they were here and if they had time, and I left him with my contact information.

About a day later, Leslie got in touch with me. We set up a time, and were very casual about the details. I was just happy to catch up. When they finally arrive at the destination, Leslie stepped out of the car wielding a massive baby bump. I had no idea! During out text message exchange, she mentioned nothing about being pregnant. I mean, what a wonderful surprise. The last time I saw her she was just as pregnant. So this was a pretty amazing coincidence.

We ended up with a family and maternity shoot in one. It was a lovely June afternoon on the Avenue of Oaks. I was worried about it being hot and humid, despite the shoot being set late in the day. But the weather was perfect, which is a miracle for the Deep South.

Anyway, I’m very happy to finally share these photos. What a beautiful family!

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