brendan | suit + tie


Happy Monday!

This was an interesting shoot that came about from a chance conversation and a series of text messages, culminating in a meet up at Target as I gathered supplies to construct the backdrop.

I mean, I figured it would work, but I’m still amazed at the results from putting together several pieces of PVC pipe (purchased from Lowe’s) and and draping the frame with a white sheet.

We shot outdoors in my front yard, under the shade of a large oak, and these shots are what came out. Also, Brendan had a clear vision of what he wanted the shots to look like, and I was tasked with trying to capture his vision and giving a little direction of my own. I have to thank our mutual friend Steven for being a great impromptu assistant, holding up the backdrop without one complaint.

Honestly, I’m getting seriousĀ Tuxedo Mask vibes with this outfit, but it definitely works.

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