victor + victoria

jul 2015 | mobile, al

I’ve known Victoria since middle school, so I was delighted when she contacted me about shooting photos of her and her son in recognition of his first year of life. For the past year, I had been able to watch him grown through the many photos Vicki posted of him on her Instagram account. I finally got to meet him a week before the shoot, at our consultation. In the week between us having a consultation and the day of the shoot, Victor started walking.

It was a hot, humid day, so we set the shoot for late afternoon. I was just praying that it didn’t rain and we would be forced to reschedule. Fortunately, the weather cooperated. The afternoon light was lovely, and Victor was a trooper. I know the hot temps and his teething were a bother to him, so with patience and lots of kisses of encouragement from his mother, we created some beautiful shots of the two of them.

We lead such busy lives, but it’s so important to take the time to document these stages of a child’s life. They are so fleeting, and kids grow so fast. You look back and wonder what happened to that chubby little person that was once so helpless. I’m so honored to be chosen to document this special time in a family’s life.